Project Description

For the eggs


I cook only in stainless steel or my WOK, for my eggs I use Stainless Steel and a glass lid

1 large glass of water

1 tbsp of country crock

Put your country crock in your pan and let it get melted and hot, not burning hot

take 2 eggs and crack them gently into the pan – for perfect cracked eggs remove from refrigerator 30 minutes before using

let simmer on high heat – I use gas stove – for 45 seconds

dash sea salt and pepper

pour half glass of water over the eggs and cover with lid

turn heat off

let stand for 1 minute

put your eggs on your plate and eat and enjoy


Repeat the process for two more eggs, you can cook four eggs like this in one pan but I prefer to never do over 3 eggs at a time.

I have been cooking my eggs like this for a lot of years to avoid the oils from the butter as I have sensitive stomach, and everyone I have ever made my eggs for has loved them.