Project Description

1 Pork Loin Roast roast – I just get a small one

1 large or two white onions cut in rings

¼ bag baby carrots

2 garlic cloves shredded

put a lil bit of shredded lemon peel on top

1 tbsp garlic powder

dash sea salt

dash pepper

1 cup organic chicken stock I buy mine at Costco

I bake it in a glass bowl with a glass lid at 375/400 for 1 hr and 20 minutes

remove lid and continue baking until done, it depends on the size you bought so just make sure it is not pink inside, never eat pink pork, it is very unhealthy and you can get sick from it

Serve with red potatoes – you can fix them fast in microwave in a glass bowl that has a glass lid.  I put like 8 red potatoes in the glass bowl put in 1 cup of water and 1 tbsp of country crock put the glass lid on and put in your microwave for 8 minutes on high, my microwave is 1250watts

eat and enjoy