Project Description

For many years I have been wanting to do this.  At our old house it wasn’t possible because we had so much bamboo growing that it ruined the deck and I had to scrub it and re-stain it yearly.

When we bought this house I knew I was going to do it and couldn’t wait.  It took almost a year to be able to get to the deck because there was so much going on inside and I had to take care of getting the front yard and island.  In addition to that, I had foot surgery which laid me up for months because I had an allergic reaction to the self dissolving stitches and it caused swelling and pain and I could not do anything.

Finally in June of 2014 I was feeling better, I had my surgery in January.  So, I gathered up a bunch of cardboard boxes because I always break down every box I have and save them in case I need to pack stuff up for donations, pack stuff away for winter or summer, or whatever else I always have a ton of boxes. I made templetes for several sizes of my flowers and such just cutting them in the shapes I wanted.  Then I placed several of them out on my deck to get idea of how it was going to look.  Once I was happy with their placement I traced around them with a contractors pencil.

Then I started painting each of them on our deck going around the whole deck.  I took other paint colors and detailed them inside so they looked just a little bit more beautiful.  Everyone that see’s them absolutely loves them.  They really match the inside of my house because I have pictures I’ve painted that are flowers in these colors.  I used only external paint for this and if you are going to do that is what you will need.

I really love it.  It is very happy when you walk out on the deck and beings you can see it from family room makes the deck look kinda cool.  I still have to completely replace the deck so I have not really done anything fancy out there.