Project Description

It cuts tile but it is a serious piece of crap…

Oh where to begin on this sew!!

The fence is a complete mess!! Takes forever to set up.

Lets not stop there, the blade it comes with only cut about 160 slate tiles then I had to buy a new diamond blade.

The bevel cut is not so great and you best be quite careful feeding the tile in when using the bevel cut, expect some chips if working with something like slate.

The water reservoir fills up with tile soot and is a PITA to clean. A very very poor design.

Also, I know it says you can use this on site, RE: a bathroom or kitchen whatever, but I warn you do not use this without a large pan, I use a very large mortar pan (not a bucket) to place my wet sew in so that I can use it no matter what room Im tiling in without worrying that I will get water all over the place.

I bought this because I had to replace the one I bought over a decade ago, I like my wet sew to be in the room Im working in, and Im very unhappy to say the least with this purchase. While it does cut tile, expect your job to take much longer then if you had a wet sew that had a good design and was easy to set up and go on about your tile cutting. 1 star