Project Description

I did a ton of research before even attempting to dye our leather couches from tan to black.  I was pretty darn nervous LOL but figured it could not be any worse looking then how they looked right now.

So, I told Joe, my husband, just what my intentions were and he went along with it.  I looked on Amazon for the Fiebing’s Leather Dye and while they had it at the time they said even with Prime shipping it would be 2 weeks until delivery and I did not want to wait that long.  I had the time to do it now and that is what I wanted to do.  If you are going to do this make sure it is the only product you get to be successful in how it turns out.  I went to Tandy Leather out in Puyallup to buy it and came home and started dying it as I had already used the baby wipes cleaning it.

Before you go dying anything leather make sure you go buy baby wipes and clean the whole surface you are going to dye 3 to 4 times.  It is a very important step in how your dye is going to react or dye the leather.  Please don’t ask me why because I can’t remember what I was told at tandy.  I let my coats dry 24 hours in between each coat.  I put three coats on and then left it 7 days before putting on my finale coat.

Now you want to make sure you seal it.  Use the leather spray sealer that is offered by Tandy.  Sorry I accidentally threw away the can before I wrote down what I bought and used.  DO NOT use the sealer you rub on as it will rub your leather off.  You must seal it with the spray sealer.  I am happy to report that after a year of use, our german shepherds think it is where they should lay so it has been used daily, it still looks just like the day I dyed it.  If you follow these steps you will as well have a successful leather dye job.