Project Description

This is a simply gorgeous vanity. I cannot argue with this. I am stuck between giving it 3 stars to 5 stars so I gave it 4 stars. Here is some information you should be aware of before purchasing something like at this verses going to a cabinet shop and having it made etc., The day I logged on to buy this after having it in my wishlist for many months I got it at a rock bottom price which makes my purchase 5 stars because if I would of had to pay the normal price on Amazon, Home Depot etc.,, I would give it 1 star. They are popping these vanitys out left and right and they really are not made very well, thankfully I am good at fixing things and know how to work around all the glitches that this vanity came with.

1. The screws for the knobs or handles are really a mess. Some are silver, some are gold screws and none of them fit so when you are screwing the screws into the knobs/handles the handles will not fit tight or snug. I had to take my dremel tool and cut some of the screws off so that they would screw in all the way and I also had to find different screws to fit because some of the screws did not fit.

2. The vessel sinks are almost a complete diseaster as they are not molded square nor are they the same on each side so when you are placing your sinks on the counter I matched up the bottom of sink so that it is same space from front of vanity otherwise it is going to look really terrible. I tried both ways of placing sinks on vanity and came to the conclusion that matching the bottom part of sink, part that sets on vanity, was best way to match up and look good. When you place the sinks this way just know that if you are standing in front of your vanity and looking to see how things look, it is going to look off on one side because the sinks are not molded the same. If I could give the sink molding 0 stars, I would.

3. This does not come with pop-up vessle sink drain stopper, and I had no idea because the product ad is really offering no information on what it comes with, so I had to order them after the fact which really made me mad because I had to stop installing…

4. The faucets are NOT water savers. They are not designed very well as when you turn the water on all the way, be prepared to be splashed. It has nothing to do with where you place your sinks either because I tried them in many different positions. They are simply stunning however LOL

5. This vanity comes with the cutest p-traps EVER and they were so easy to install, chrome finished at that. Simply love them and they look gorgeous when you open the vanity doors.

6. One mirror was broken, I tried to figure out how to get it replaced on Amazon but could find no way, I called Virtu customer service and the lady was so nice and gave me the number to call to get it replaced, but honestly I did not want to go through all the BS and since I have a friend that owns a glass shop here locally I just took the mirror up and got it replaced at my cost.

7. There are no brackets to lock the vanity together or to the wall, thankfully I know how to do this and figured out a way to lock them so they stayed in place together and to the wall. If you have installed cabinets before you too can figure this out.

8. The counter tops this comes with are simply stunning. The middle one did not fit perfectly like it should as it is a bit smaller then the middle vanity top, so you will need to make sure it is evenly placed all the way around.

9. The finish on the vanity seems to be very well done and quite thick. Which means it should last a long time for a bathroom vanity where there is a lot of water etc…

All in all, I do love this vanity. I wish there was more quality control on Virtu’s side in how it is made but what can you expect for being made in china!?

With all of that being said, I will give it 4 stars. I will post some pictures this afternoon to go with this review.