Project Description

I am a Kohler girl, but Tom talked me into this two piece toilet by American Standard.  It is my first two piece toilet.  I like it, it is not made as good as a Kohler but it is a very nice toilet.  We got it at Amazon and it is a number 1 best seller.  For the price, it is a quality toilet without the quality price.  🙂

UPDATE: August 3, 2015

This toilet is upholding fabulously. I might add that it does NOT come with a toilet seat so that you can chose the toilet seat to your liking. Love it still…

So in love with this toilet LOL it was so easy to install I could not believe it. I have always bought Kohler toilets etc., but decided to try this one out, big price difference from Kohler BUT I must say I love American Standard just as much. Outstanding quality IMHO. Highly recommended!!