Project Description

Foil – make sure you put your cod in the foil shiny side to the outside – a lot of people do not realize if you put your shiny side to the food it will burn your food 🙂

Cod filets – however many you want – only 1 cod per foil

Slice up white onion or walla walla sweets onion 🙂

Cook your bacon for crumbling up on top of your cod – use however much you want just make sure it is fresh cooked bacon and not bacon bits – it makes a huge difference

Shredded garlic clove over your cod – only use fresh

2 tbsp of country crock – you can use real butter as I would prefer but I have high cholesterol so I use country crock

dash sea salt and pepper if you like

wrap up your cod and ingredients in the foil like a bowl

place on your BBQ grill for 17 minutes at 350 degrees

it is done, do not cook any longer as fish will continue cooking for 5 minutes after you remove it from BBQ

I serve over steamed rice and quinoa with a vegetable