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I am a Do It Yourself Chick, I am also an artist in acrylics, watercolors and glass painting.

Be Good, Be Happy, Be Giving, Be Positive!

Make your art from your heart

Be Artistic

I will stay positive!

Stay Positive

Be Good, Be Happy, Be Giving…

Be Giving

Inspire Art

Always Inspire

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My soul is refreshed in my GARDEN!

My garden is full of a lot of beautiful blooms and things just waiting for you to refresh you soul!

The Garden Area
Tamela's Tomatoes
Look for the Angels...
Even Hubs Gardens LOL
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🌸 The Garden 🌺

I love being in my garden...sometimes I find 🍀 after my flowers bloom I make 💐 I hate 🕷 and I am allergic to 🐝 but I love 🐞
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Flowers on my deck

Flowers On My Deck

Haha I decided to paint these cute flowers on my deck until I replace it. Now, I do not want to replace my deck, but will have to next summer. I am sure I will be painting more flowers on the new deck. It really looks very cool.

Abstract Acrylics

Knives Acrylic with 24Ct Gold

I painted this using my Knives, Acrylic paints and 24 Carat Gold paint. Nothing is purposely done in this, but it really looks like a Hawaii scene…Palm trees, dolphins jumping, waves, an island. I love abstract painting.

I am only limited by my own imagination and so are you!

Therefore, I feel I can do anything my heart, imagination and creativity desire’s! Anything tried is not failing, failing comes from never trying!

Powder Room Tiling
Putting On Waterproofing
Ensuite Tile Sealer 1
Installing Ensuite Lamps Plus…
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I have remodeled a lot of our house from painting, tile work, flooring, sheetrock, texturing, plumbing, electrical and much more...
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