A Little Bit About Me

I am big into DIY, from doing tile work to plumbing, electrical, sheetrock, texturing walls and ceilings, painting, building to landscaping, to sewing, all arts and crafts. I am an artist and do a lot of acrylics and watercolors and make all my own canvases. I love photography and pretty much take a picture of everything LOL I am a Apple Mac girl. I am very family oriented and have been with my husband for 20 years now. We have 10 kids, two German Shepherds and one of them is K-9, four cats of which three are feral and one lives exclusively inside, three macaws of which two are rescues and one parrot that is a re-home.  I also have two human step-children LOL I as well do a lot of web design…

There really is not anything I don’t have my hands in unless it is something I truly have no interest in. Feel free to drop me a line if you need anything.  And, most importantly, have a very beautiful and blessed day!

These are all my kids, no they are not human kids, they are animal kids and they didn’t change my body when I got them, but they are my kids!!  They are all treated just like part of the family.  We have Valentino, a Scarlet Macaw, Mick, a Bolivian Blue & Gold Macaw, Our K-9 Male German Shepherd and his mate a Female German Shepherd.  Rico a Bolivian Blue & Gold Macaw, Billy a Senegal Parrot that I call my lil R2D2 LOL, and there is Gypsy the exclusive house cat that even has her own room, and we have three feral cats that live in the garage, Nimmy, Saffy and Kellie Girl.  All but my Scarlet and GSD’s are rescue’s or re-homes.  I am very big into saving the life of any animal and I do support rescue’s.
I have about 30+ years of DIY.  It’s my passion & I live to do DIY daily.  There’s nothing that I won’t tackle as you can see from the slides.  My husband knows how much I love doing DIY that when we bought a house, he let me pick one out that I could really get into doing my DIY.  Of course, I’ll have you know that I don’t do all my DIY alone my adopted brother, Tom, helps me.  He’s been doing construction all his life and is a master at sheetrock, tape and texturing.  He’s taught me things I will share wih you on each projects in my DIY section.  He’s never to thrilled with many projects I come up with, but when we’re done, he says it looks good & what a PITA it was LOL.
My husband and I, he really is the apple of my eye and I am pretty sure I am the apple of his eye as I am the only women in his life he ever purposed to and married!  We are really best friends and have been together for 20 years now and still to this day he will pinch my butt or kiss me just like the day we met 20 years ago.  We married in a very beautiful Sunset Hawaiian Wedding in Hawaii in 2007, eleven years after we first got together.  He really is the one person that understands all my quirks and accepts them LOL that is saying a lot for any man in my eyes. But, don’t think he is without quirks too, I just accept him like he is because in my eyes no one should try to change any human being, we should accept each other for the way we each are.  We can help someone become better and offer advice, but we should never try to change anyone from who they are.  Joe, my husband, is really the best man you will ever in your life meet, I know he is the best man I have ever met in my entire life.  We are complete opposite of each other LOL so I do believe opposites attract.  We compliment each other very well.  You will see a lot of him in my blog.  Feel the LOVE, that is what we are all about!!

My Crazy Skills

Creativity 99%
DIY 96%
Honesty 100%
LOVE 96%
Personality 88%
Cooking 96%
Art 88%
Religion and Spirituality 96%
Technology 90%